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Home Selling Lessons From Real Estate Pros

These are few important lessons to remember as you prepare to sell your home:

Use this list of useful home selling lessons when planning your next home sale. Neil Timmins is motivated and dedicated to sell your home.

Home Selling Lessons

Buyers want to see and agents want to show houses that are good buys.

FACT: A buyer is more likely to make a full-priced offer on a home that is priced right, before making a low offer on a home that’s priced too high.

Houses that remain on the market a long time tend not to be shown.

Be willing to make smart investments in important aesthetic elements of your home.

  • A good first impression can influence whether a buyer writes an offer or not. For example: invest in landscaping – curb appeal matters.
  • Fix things that could be considered “red flags” (i.e. leaks)
  • Invest in important aesthetic updates (i.e. painting, floors, minor kitchen and bath updates, etc.). Your return should be at least double the expense.

Houses that are marketed well—Move fastest and garner the most money

  • Open houses rarely sell houses – they generate interest/buzz when first listed, however, 95% of homes are sold as the result of an agent or buyer inquiry thru the internet lead. It is better to have a few qualified buyers touring your home than large numbers of random people, most of whom are not actively house hunting.
  • Networking with agents and advertising via the internet and targeted print publications have been proven to yield the most results.

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