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Your Winning Home Selling Plan

Take the time needed to strategize your home selling plan. Plan to Prepare or Prepare To Fail. This is the most important part of selling your home. Neil can help you prepare with A FREE Home Selling Strategy Session over the phone.

Home Selling Plan

If you know why you are selling, it is easier for you and your agent to determine a plan of action to get exactly what you want. For instance: if you need to close a sale as quickly as possible, then you should know that getting the highest price is not your highest priority. This does not mean that you won’t or can’t get the highest price, but there may be tradeoffs as you decide between an offer with a lower list price and quick close versus a buyer with a full price offer requesting a 60 day close.

What is your bottom line price?

So, identify your “bottom line” price upfront (i.e. the lowest price you will accept from a buyer). Although this figure should never be disclosed externally, it is important information that your agent will use to determine an optimal pricing strategy and negotiating position. Even though you should consider all offers and take into consideration the total terms of each (i.e. price, closing date, financial qualifications, contingencies, etc.)

Knowing your bottom line saves time by eliminating low-ball offers and enables your agent to determine the proper tactic to get what is important to you in the negotiation.

Here is the truth about a great home selling plan:

  1. Know Why You Are Selling
  2. Know Your Bottom Line Price
  3. Get The Right Selling Agent