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The University of Iowa Community Credit Union is the #1 Mortgage Company in the state of Iowa in loan originations. UICCU offers competitive rates, great service, and no 1% Origination fee. As a credit union, they offer high yielding rates on their retail deposit accounts. Check out their Rewards Checking Account that pays you interest monthly. They have branches in West Des Moines, Waukee, and Ankeny.

Mike Ward

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4702
C: 515-444-7704

Amy Smith

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4706
C: 515-306-4029

Patrick St. John

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4701
C: 319-551-1180

Scott Langenberg

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4707
C: 515-971-1239

Angela Timp

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4708
C: 515-202-2824

Kurt Backes

West Des Moines
W: 515-330-4710
C: 515-339-5464