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3 Things Home Sellers Need To Do Before Listing Their Home

3 Things Home Sellers Need To Do Before Listing Their Home

So you want to sell your home? You may have lived in your house for years, maybe it was your childhood home where you grew up in or maybe bought it with your partner. Well, at one point in time one has to sell their real estate for something better or if you’re moving to another state or country.

But just because you’re trying to get things done quickly and want your house to sell as fast as you can, don’t just get it off your hands without even checking it and prepping for it. It’s like, when you haven’t dated in a while so you need to make a trip to the salon before jumping back in the dating pool again. Your house needs touch-ups, plumbing, electrical check-ups.

More like your car actually, if the wear and tear has made the car look old, the tires need changing and a thorough cleaning up, you’d get all this done to attract buyers and sell it off at a better price than if you hadn’t.

A few minor repairing in the house will help you in the long run by making a better first impression in the minds of the buyers. For that you’ll have to look at your house from a stranger’s or a buyer’s point of view. Des Moines area home sellers reached the highest sales in 2015. Here are a few tips from Des Moines area home sellers:

  • Clean up your mess:
    No one wants to see how cluttered your house is or how much your kitchen sink fills up. Clean up!
    I’d even recommend getting rid of your pictures and clean up the closets. We know you’re this super busy person who hasn’t had the time to vacuum under the stairs and table or dust properly, but if you want to sell you better get to work.
    You may even hire a cleaning service if you’re busy yourself, since spending a little cash now will go a long way.
    Other than that, if you have a pet or kids, then make sure that your house doesn’t smell like it. Also don’t cook something that doesn’t smell that inviting, the day that you’re showing your home. Bake something like cookies or cinnamon rolls to make your home feel warm and appealing.
  • Paint Job and Plumbing:

Chances are that you haven’t even noticed the peeling paint near the corners or the damp places. Sometimes one turns blind towards things one sees every day. But when you put on your buyer’s hat you see things you haven’t seen before.
So yeah, even if your house’s paint looks fine. Repaint it to neutral shades and hues like tan, white and off-white. These are the colors which gives your home an open and airy feel. The buyers will be tricked into thinking that your house has more space than it actually does.

  • Let there be Light!
    It’s actually a psychological thing, that something seems more appealing and inviting if there’s light. So open up all the windows so the sunshine may give the house a warm aura and make people feel at home.

If the viewing is at night then turn on the lights, or add lamps to areas that are dim. A bright and well-lit room looks bigger as well.


Neil Timmins

Neil Timmins is an accomplished real estate broker having sold over 900 properties totaling over $125 million in career sales. He is happy to assist you in your home buying and selling process.

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