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5 Simple Home-Buying Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

5 Simple Home-Buying Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is very exciting. Especially if it’s your first time to do it. In the beginning, there really is to do so many things to do and so many things to consider that it is very easy to forget some things in the process. For example, if you’re looking to purchase a home in here in the Des Moines area it’s easy to get excited about a purchase, especially if you have a house looks exactly like your dream home. However, it is essential to step back a while and the home you want to buy to ensure that you get the right decision. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when shopping for a home.

Home Shopping does not go first

It might be tempting to look at Des Moines homes for sale but do not go home shopping quite yet. If you have already saved a down payment, you should sit down and figure out your expenses first. Knowing how much you can afford each month is important so that you can look at homes that are within your reach. Some people end up going house-poor unintentionally, which means that almost all of their monthly income (after paying bills and debts) go to paying off the mortgage.

Get pre-approved for a loan

Sometimes people confuse pre-qualified for a loan if the same with his pre-approved for a loan. If you are pre-approved your loan before approaching home sellers, then you have a better chance to get ahead in the home purchase negotiations. This is because the sellers more willing to negotiate with people who have they know are financially qualified to purchase.

Remember to prepare for the closing costs

There are other things to prepare for other purposes than the deposit. Upfront costs can include mortgage costs, escrow fees, and much more. When applying for a loan, do not forget to read the GFE (Good Faith Estimate) and ask questions if you do not understand some items on the list. Find out what items are flexible and can still increase and which one’s are fixed.

Do not compromise on things that are essential

Although there are things in your future home that you can compromise on, because you can better later, there are some things that you would not want to compromise. For example, do not settle if you obviously need a three-bedroom home for anything other than that. After buying the house, you will find that spending money, even for minor renovations.

Check around carefully

Because you buying your home as part of the neighborhood, do not forget to drive around and observe the neighborhood, talk to the neighbors and visit nearby schools until you are content that it is really good neighborhood for you to live in.


Neil Timmins

Neil Timmins is an accomplished real estate broker having sold over 900 properties totaling over $125 million in career sales. He is happy to assist you in your home buying and selling process.

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