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7 Simple and Easy Tips on How to Sell Your House Quick

7 Simple and Easy Tips on How to Sell Your House Quick

One of the main things that would look for a buyer in a house is the cleanliness and overall appearance. A clean, organized and attractive house would leave a lasting impression on any potential buyers. If you want to sell your house quickly, keep it neat and clean will help accelerate the sale of your home.

Here are some easy-to-do cleaning ideas that will greatly help you to sell your house fast:

  1. Shampoo your carpets to get rid of stains and odors. Use the right amount of shampoo on your carpet and always make sure that the windows and mirrors are cleaned thoroughly. This allows more light to enter your home giving it a fresh atmosphere.
  2. The kitchen is the most important room in the house, so this should be kept clean at all times. Take the time to wash your stove or oven and clean the top and the bottom of the burner. Kitchen appliances and equipment such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, and all other devices must be cleaned by wiping with a clean cloth.
  3. Keep your blinds and window fittings clean by removing dirt and stains from them. Doorknobs and light switches must be cleaned of fingerprints and bins should be thoroughly cleaned and should be placed in the designated area in your home.
  4. Potential buyers might sneak into your closet so you’ll want to tidy your clothes to make it look as spacious as it can be. Make sure that your closet smells nice. You do not want leave potential buyers with a foul smell in your closet.
  5. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check the smell of each room in your home. Because it is your home, you are already accustomed to the smell, so perhaps help a friend or a judgment of a neighbor. Spray some air freshener or put some scented candles in every room to make sure that you go the extra mile.
  6. Put away all books, papers, magazines and all the other things that may make your house messy and untidy. Get rid of objects that are no longer usable. Keep them in one place and organize them well. Rearrange furniture so your house looks to be as spacious as possible.
  7. Make sure that each room in your home is well lit. Add some high voltage light bulbs in rooms that are seemingly darker. The more lit up a room, the cleaner it will appear.

These are very basic things that do not most people. Remember, for you to sell your home quickly, you need to put in some hard work. Cleaning is the easiest and the cheapest way to improve your home. It just requires a little bit of your time and effort. More often than not, people would consider buying a home that is well lit, clean and spacious, for the most part.


Neil Timmins

Neil Timmins is an accomplished real estate broker having sold over 900 properties totaling over $125 million in career sales. He is happy to assist you in your home buying and selling process.

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